modifying my approach


First, I’d like to say that I think I strayed from what I want to do with these post-lecture summaries (specifically the last one). I want to make these more concise and informative, for both my own and the readers’ sake. I will still stick to the prompt given by the professor (To give a summary in one paragraph of the concepts covered, followed by some of my own notes and thoughts). However, I think I want to change where the emphasis is put.

For paragrah (1), an overview of the concepts and how it ties together as a whole I think is still important to maintain. I will continue with this for now.

However, for paragraph (2), instead of regurgitating almost all my notes on here and leaving little room for actual discussion and interpretation, I want to shift my focus to these key aspects and thus only also focus on the more key notes (both important ones for lecture understanding and interesting ones) and then expanding these notes with my own thoughts. This way, I will be doing more to make these notes my own, while at the same time maintaining the true integrity of the lecture as Dr. Cargill intended it (without the loss of clarity caused by reiterating every minute detail).

Anways, in acknowledgingt that I am currently breaking my own hopes of being more concise, I will end this preface.



~ by Andru on January 12, 2011.

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