I turned 21 years old today. I am about to head out for dinner to celebrate and thought I would reflect for a moment.

I don’t think much of birthdays except that I’m always thankful to have survived the year. I also always move on with the hope that I am at least 1 year the wiser because of it. I definitely feel like I’ve matured in this last year, even if it doesn’t show.

Lastly, I think its safe to say not much in my lifestyle will change. Just because I can drink alcohol legally now doesn’t change much, except now I’m not as “cool” for doing so. Kinda sucks now that I think about it. The big change will be a lot more calls in the early evening on Thursdays from “friends” asking me to do them a favor. And no, I don’t mean those kinds of favors, I mean buying them alcohol for their crazy Thursday night fiestas.



~ by Andru on January 19, 2011.

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